Boot camp – the one with no people

by Skye Tyler on January 10, 2011

I was surprised we were starting back at boot camp this week – I thought everyone was still away.

In December we started training at 4.45 because one of the girls had to leave by 6am.  This was really rugged.  My alarm was going off at 4.10am and we were also getting in some extra training time.  If the Sergeant was really keen, we could easily kick on to 7am of fairly intense training.

This morning was a different story.  Overcast, humid with a light drizzle, there were just the two of us, myself and a lady who was coming back to training after a month off. The Sergeant was mega grumpy about this but persisted.


10 minutes of hill sprints

Circuit 1

Partner work alternating cardio and strength.  One person does a lap around the car park and the other does strength work with a ‘rifle’ (small, yellow log about 5kgs or so).

10 minutes of cardio & shoulder press

10 minutes of cardio & bicep curls

And then…

10 minutes of see-saw squats where one person squats and then passes the rifle to the other person who then squats etc etc

Circuit 2

10 minutes of alternating laps around the car park with the rifle and running on the spot.

So, only 50 minutes all up before we were told that was enough for the day.  It was only 5.35am.  I went for a supplementary 45 minute walk up the big hill…

Better luck next time.


Trail running – two wallabies and a lyrebird

January 7, 2011

No bootcamp this week (or next week I think, will have to check…) I am feeling a huge amount of love for the Runkeeper Iphone App and have started mapping my trail runs. It will GPS map any outdoor activity with the press of a button. At the end of the workout my route, distance, [...]

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Personal training – the easy one after Christmas

January 5, 2011

I thought I would do OK this morning as I’d kept up my running and a little bit of strength work over the break. Wrong, wrong, wrong… Planned workout abandoned by trainer after four rounds because I looked like such a dead dog. Anyhow, here’s how we started off. Warmup: 10 minutes on the treadmill. [...]

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Boot camp – the one with a gale

April 15, 2009

Post-Easter we have a big turnout at the studio. Mainlining chocolate for the past four days has obviously brought out the best in people. Thankfully I am now not the only woman which is great news. I can’t cope with too much more ‘man-talk’ pre dawn. We’re supposed to go for a hike but the [...]

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Personal training – the one with lots of rowing

April 9, 2009

My sneakers are full of dirt and sand and crud from yesterdays run. I warm up by running laps outside the studio, trying to shake most of the garbage out of my shoes. Mixed success – the grass grit combo is really sticky. Strength My trainers isn’t ready to start the session so he starts [...]

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Boot camp – the one with just running

April 8, 2009

We have a choice, we can either do something ‘special’ as an Easter treat or we can go and sit in our cars for an hour and have a nap (my trainer is partial to the the car nap). It’s 10 degrees outside and I have heated seats in the car – not sure which [...]

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Personal training – the one with more chest

April 7, 2009

My chest is sore from all of the push ups yesterday otherwise, I feel OK except for the lingering cold. The weather has definitely turned and it’s very bracing when I walk to the car. This is a bit of a pain – it will take me a long time to get going. Warm up [...]

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Boot camp – the one with no saved daylight

April 6, 2009

I feel cheated – we’ve just turned the clocks back from daylight saving and it’s still dark when we get to boot camp. It’s also really cold at under 10 degrees. There are three of us jumping up and down on the spot trying to stay warm. Warm up Five laps of the car park [...]

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Personal training – the one with the sniffles

April 4, 2009

I’m going to training even though I have a bit of a cold. Nothing dramatic and I’m not running a temperature so it’s OK to do a bit of exercise. My partner is feeling worse than I am so he’s decided not to come with me today. Warm up Ten minutes on the rowing machine. [...]

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Boot camp – the one with fibre

April 3, 2009

Everyone is already at the studio except for Mark. I’m sorting myself out before the session and he bursts in announcing ‘Don’t use the bathroom!’ Apparently he has pursued the suggestion about getting more fibre in his diet with some vigour. I request that we not discuss bowel habits again and am ignored. Warm up [...]

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Personal training – the one with snap

April 2, 2009

I’ve had the personal training sessions at studio to myself all this week. The other client who trains at 6am is still away. I like to think I’m used to having someone watching every little thing I do during the workout but it’s still slightly unnerving to be the only person working out. Warm up [...]

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Boot camp – the one without fibre

April 1, 2009

Four recruits and still the only female this week. The conversation has degenerated into rousing cheers of ‘Do you need to chuck (vomit)?’ after particularly intense sprints or interval sessions or discussions about the importance of fibre. One of the guys has a nasty habit of dashing off 20 minutes into the run to go [...]

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Personal training – the one with Special Operations

March 31, 2009

Yesterday was the first part of Merlin’s fitness test to get into elite part of the Police Force, Special Operations Group. By coincidence, it was held in a particularly steep part of out local national park and my trainer went to observe and learn. He is busting to talk about the four hours of hell [...]

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Boot camp – the one with birthdays

March 30, 2009

Larry and Jenny are no-shows so there are just three of us at the car park on Monday morning. I don’t mind training in the car park. We’re working out before sunrise and this is the best lit (I’m paranoid about falling over when I run outside) of the places we train. It’s a bracing [...]

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Personal training – the one with apparent options

March 28, 2009

On Saturdays I share my personal training session with my partner. Bless him, he’s not in terribly good shape but gives it a go anyway. We generally do the same workout but the weights and repetitions are modified to suite our skill and fitness levels. ‘Do I want a hard one today?’ (trainers are often [...]

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Boot Camp – the one with Tank

March 27, 2009

We wait for Jenny but she doesn’t arrive. All of the guys are complaining about various aches and pains from the last session so she is probably too sore to train. As a bonus, Merlin’s dog Tank has decided to join us – I’m sure he’ll be great for pacing the run. Warm-up We’re running [...]

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Personal training – the one with a car nap

March 26, 2009

I was a couple of minute late – the garbage truck had blocked my early morning exit and I was forced to wait in the driveway until it had passed. The car park was empty when I arrived except for my trainer’s car. Ben, the other guy who trains at the same time I do, [...]

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Boot Camp – the one with the kamikaze

March 25, 2009

It’s raining which means boot camp is inside at the studio and I don’t have to run around in circles. I know I should really be working to improve my running but I’m secretly pleased. A couple of extra people turn up. Larry was sick on Monday and Jenny was away on business so there [...]

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Personal training – the one with more running

March 24, 2009

Unlike boot camp where I ‘m always on time, I have a tendency to be a teensie bit late to my one-on-one sessions at 6am. When I arrive at the studio the other 0600 client is already there warming up. Oh, what does the studio look like? It’s like a mini gym except you can’t [...]

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Boot camp – the one with the fitness test

March 23, 2009

Four ‘recruits’ fronted up for boot camp this morning at 5.30am for some quality time with Sgt Pain. Everyone except for myself is a boot camp veteran. Frighteningly, one guy is in training for the Special Forces (‘Merlin’). Mark is an ex-footballer trying to lose a fair amount of weight and Sam wants to regain [...]

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Why Personal Training & Boot Camp?

March 22, 2009

When I tell people I have a personal trainer and go to boot camp, the most common question I get is ‘So, what’s it like?’. I wish there was a simple answer. Of course, I could say that personal training is a workout with a fitness professional in a gym or, occasionally, outdoors.  Personal training [...]

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